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       Make-up can not be treated as painting on the wall, it must illuminate the face and cannot encase it as a mask.

        It is created according to your outfit and it has to be changed according to your mood, time of day, it is an essential complement to femininity. The most beautiful girl can be glamorous without make-up, of course, but it is an unparalleled masterpiece.

      To me, makeup is an art that allows to discover the advantages of your face and bring to light the unique features of each of us. Make-up seeks to achieve a beautiful appearance, in which a woman has to feel good.

Bella Vista Beauty makeup.JPG
Bella Vista Beauty makeup.JPG

Make-up lessons  1 session - 2 hours £45

       Make-up is a fascinating journey aimed at discovering yourself.

       Makeup lessons will help you in your individual styling design tailored to your personality. I'll show you a few golden rules to achieve the perfect look. You will be able to learn step by step and create your own make-up.

        You will learn individual and unique features of your face.  


Learning materials provided.

Day Make-Up                    £30


       Day Make-up is primarily a fresh and natural look. With the help of carefully selected colors, it will create a harmonious and complimentary make-up.

Bella Vista Beauty makeup.jpg

Bridal make-up          from £55


    Bridal make-up is the most important in your life ...

     On this special day all eyes are focused on you.

    On this day you will be sensual, feminine and glamorous.

    Professional, tailored to your type of beauty and color.

Bella Vista Beauty makeup.jpg

Evening Make-Up                 £40


   Evening Make-Up is characterised by the use of more vibrant colors and greater emphasis on the eyes and facial contours, combined with more opaque backing. Emphasises natural facial beauty tailored to your style and character.

bella vista makeup.jpg
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